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About The Counselor

Dr. Aanchal Anand
PhD, MA psychology (Gold Medalist)

Dr. Aanchal Anand is a renowned psychologist & Hypnotherapist from New Delhi, now settled in Jaipur.

A university topper and gold medalist, she has a rich experience of working in psychiatry department of various hospitals of repute such as Safdarjung, Ram Manohar Lohiya and Sir Gangaram.

Our Mission

Paraamarsh aspires to provide highly specialized, authentic, confidential and professional counseling services in your difficult moments thereby enabling you to live a happy, holistic and a gratifying life.
All information shared with us is strictly confidential. No one, including family, friends has access to any of your information without your knowledge. The exceptions to this confidentiality include information about child abuse, serious risk to human life, and court orders.

Marriage Counseling

At Paraamarsh, we understand the stresses that marriages and relationships face. Whether it is a lack of trust, poor communication, loss of respect, infidelity, abuse (verbal or physical), constant arguing, issues with children, addictions, or other problems, we are here to help.

As we work with you, we strive to create a neutral, impartial and bias free environment in which both parties can feel comfortable. Our goal is to help you find the emotional connection, love and respect for one another that you both need and deserve.

In marriage counseling, you will learn how to:

  • Listen to and communicate with your partner more effectively
  • Resolve your past issues and develop a skill set to resolve new ones.
  • Understand and respect your partner’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions
  • Honor and/or meet your partner’s needs
  • Heal from extra-marital affairs and other breaches of trust
  • Eliminate destructive behaviors and addictions that keep you from being in a healthy relationship with your spouse