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About The Counselor

Dr. Aanchal Anand
PhD, MA psychology (Gold Medalist)

Dr. Aanchal Anand is a renowned psychologist & Hypnotherapist from New Delhi, now settled in Jaipur.

A university topper and gold medalist, she has a rich experience of working in psychiatry department of various hospitals of repute such as Safdarjung, Ram Manohar Lohiya and Sir Gangaram.

Our Mission

Paraamarsh aspires to provide highly specialized, authentic, confidential and professional counseling services in your difficult moments thereby enabling you to live a happy, holistic and a gratifying life.
All information shared with us is strictly confidential. No one, including family, friends has access to any of your information without your knowledge. The exceptions to this confidentiality include information about child abuse, serious risk to human life, and court orders.

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Hypnotherapy is type of psychotherapy in which a deep relaxed & focused state of mind is induced by the hypnotherapist. This state is called Trance. The state of trance is used for diagnosis and / or treatment of psychoemotional complaints. It can also be used for better mental health, better control over mind and better mental functioning. It is a powerful technique which can enable one to think, feel and act better. Hypnotherapy is a strong technique as it uses the enormous power of mind

Mind is like an iceberg, 90% of which remain hidden. The 10% visible part is the conscious mind which helps in perceiving environment, short term memory and thinking. The remaining 90 % is the subconscious mind which is responsible for long term memory, learning, emotions, habitual patterns, learned behavior etc. Subconscious mind stores memories and associated emotions. This helps mind in ‘learning’ how to feel and behave in a particular situation. It even influences conscious mind. Our past learning and memory affects our present thinking and behavior.

Positive mental health, mental calmness, confidence, correct thinking, positive habits, emotions & behavior all this depends on how well this subconscious mind is organized. The better this subconscious mind is organized, better is its growth with age with minimum or no conflicts. But in case of some disorganization due to poor learning or some traumatic incidents, the conflicts because of this results in deficient mental functioning or undesirable behavior. This is where hypnotherapy comes to help.

At Paraamarsh we can help in better reorganization of subconscious minds thereby eliminating conflicts, past traumas and negative learned patterns through hypnotherapy. It separates unhealthy emotions & behavior from past memory and replace with healthy emotions & behavior. The outcome is positive thinking, healthy emotions and desirable behavior.

We can help you with following issues through hypnotherapy:

  • Fear, phobia, anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Self esteem and Self confidence.
  • Pain and disease management and better immunity.
  • Recovery from past painful memories, anger or grief.
  • Habit breaking.
  • Better memory, performance & achievements in study, exams or work.
  • Stress management.
  • Better sleep.
  • Speech problems , stammering